Investment Management Services

At Zion Financial Planning our investment management aims to help clients achieve their financial goals by employing customized asset allocation, long-term approach and investment strategies.

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

— George Santayana

Successful investment management and investment always play a significant part in helping you to achieve your financial goals, now and/or in the future. At Zion Financial Planning, our approach focuses on protecting your capital while participating in market appreciation. We rely on a disciplined, evidence-based approach that filters out “noise” in the markets and the media and rewards patience. The income producing investment, which was first introduced to us by Michael Pace CFP, illustrates the strategy and philosophy we apply for the client’s best interests and long-term benefits, which has evolved to balanced hybrid model.

Models for Investment Management

  1. Long-term Accumulation Model: diversified portfolio tailored to your investment time horizon and risk tolerance suitable for accumulation.
  2. Monthly Dividend Income Producing Opportunity (IPO) Model: works like annuity or paycheck replacement tailored to your goals; better for >3~5 years; and risk tolerance suitable for your income financial goals. This model happens to be our Best-Selling and Most Popular Investment
  3. Balanced Hybrid Model: non-concentration, diversified allocation; most popular, fast growing, combining benefits from Models I and II.

Investment Planning for Your Financial Goals, Time Horizon, and Risk Tolerance

The mix of assets defines the spectrum of returns.

Best, worst, and average returns for various stock/bond allocations, 1926-2019

The “Principal Wealth Tank” distributes (or reinvests) dividends and capital gains for a steady monthly income stream.

Principal Wealth Tank

Suitable Investment Demography

  • Safety First & Commitment
  • Retirees
  • Pursuing Incomes.

Our Investment Strategies

  • Long-Term Investments
  • Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Rebalancing Periodically
  • ‘DO NOT Change the Rule in the Game!’
  • ‘If you wait for the sky to be blue to invest, you will never invest’ – Prof. Jeremy Siegel

Our Investment Information Gathering

  • Investor Risk Tolerance Obejctives
  • Investors’ Constraints
  • Time Horizon
  • Liquidity needs
  • Taxes concerns

Your financial plan includes an Investment Policy Statement, which helps to provide the basis for your investment portfolio. Each client’s portfolio is customized based on the client’s unique goals, time horizon and comfort risk level. And each portfolio is diversified in order to achieve client’s financial goals and/or the greatest potential return with the lowest volatility and manageable risk.

Once client’s portfolio is designed, we select the best managers for each asset category. Our selection criteria include historical performance, cost, and investment approach. In addition, we specialized in income oriented investments that can provide regular dividends (derived from investment, capital and/or return of capital) distribution to fulfill clients’ needs that works as annuity-like income with control of principal, as paycheck replacement and principal to grow.

Finally, we monitor clients’ portfolio and report on a regular basis. We show progress toward goals, evaluate performance, and make timely changes or exchanges as necessary. Our clients can count on our investment stewardship, clear communication, and our commitment to helping them achieve their investment goals. To start benefiting from income oriented investment, we can contrast what your current investment portfolio to see how can we help you do ‘What investments you are doing’ BETTER as shown below.